Tired of feeling like every sales book, podcast, webinar says the same thing? Tired of hearing the same philosophical B2B sales crap regurgitated by every so-called expert in the sales industry?

We are the only B2B sales podcast providing unfiltered, unapologetic views & tactics directly from the sales trenches. We take specific everyday challenges facing sales professionals. Discuss and based on over 20+ years of B2B sales experience provide 1-2 techniques you can add to your sales toolkit and start using immediately.

We are no sales EXPERTS we are STUDENTS of B2B sales trying to figure it out every day.

About the Host

Sam Capra

VP Sales @ flexEngage, Host & Founder of Sales Samurai

Sam Capra has worked in the B2B sales space for over 2 decades in various sales roles spanning multiple industries including SaaS where he has spent the last decade working with Startups & Enterprise level organizations. Sam currently is the VP of Sales for flexEngage a retail SaaS startup out of Orlando as well as hosts the Sales Samurai B2B sales podcast.