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Artesian is a powerful AI driven service that equips client facing teams with the resources they need to succeed in a modern commercial environment. Apps that drive action.


B2Brain enables inside sales and account management teams to improve conversion with contextual account intelligence. SDRs and Sales Reps spend over 40% of their time doing


etailinsights is the leading provider of contact information for online retailers and serves hundreds of technology and service providers. Clients login to etailinsights,

Growth Intelligence

Up to 99% of sales activity is targeted at businesses that never buy and it’s demoralizing. Help your teams prioritize their efforts to businesses that have the highest


InsideView powers the world’s business conversations, helping companies redefine their go-to-market strategies from a volume-based to a more targeted approach. Its


Intricately's platform gives marketing and sales teams an inside look into the spend, usage, and adoption of cloud technologies to predict revenue opportunities. 


LeadSift is an intent data provider that mines publically available information to identify when individuals are taking relevant actions outside of your owned channels.


Mattermark is a data platform for venture capital companies to quantify signals of growing and potentially lucrative start-ups. Mattermark offers deal intelligence to the


We built Ocean to make your data meaningful - because it sucks to waste time, money, and effort chasing the accounts.  With our AI and company database, Ocean helps

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