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Meetings are the soul of every workplace. Our mission is to capture the collective genius of teams & empower everyone to bring their best to the table. adam.ai is an


Avoma AI makes your remote meetings more actionable and collaborative. The all-in-one AI Meeting Assistant captures transcribes, summarizes, analyzes and collaborates across


Callity is a conversational analysis SaaS solution that automatically transcribes, indexes and analyzes phone calls and video conferences to help sales teams perform better.


Chorus helps your team make decisions using the insights you'd get if you were sitting in on every sales or customer success call. We founded Chorus to understand what


The first meeting platform exclusively for inside sales. Automate meeting documentation, capture unique insights, and get real-time conversation guidance.


Convin uses conversation intelligence to help the sales team close more deals by: Helping them replicate best performing reps: Understand what is working for your reps


Debrief solves distributed teams challenges with an asynchronous video communication platform that converts recordings into transcribable, searchable, and easy to browse


ExecVision is a conversation intelligence platform built on a simple, almost inarguable premise: Insights mined from customer interactions are exponentially more valuable


Record, transcribe, and search across your voice conversations.

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