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21 Secrets of Million-Dollar Sellers

In this sharp, invigorating read, Fortune 50 consultant Stephen Harvill discovers twenty-one common behaviors of top earners across seven major industries that set them apart. These are the secrets of the worlds best salespeople who rake in at least one million dollars a year.

Addicted to the Process

How to Close Transactional Sales with Confidence and Consistency

Better Selling Through Storytelling

The Essential Roadmap to Becoming a Revenue Rockstar

Beyond the Sales Process

12 Proven Strategies for a Customer-Driven World

Big Enough

An eye-opening antidote to the endless-growth mindset, Big Enough offers an alternative path to career success.In this illuminating book, entrepreneur Lee

Blueprints for a SaaS Sales Organization

How to Design, Build and Scale a Customer-Centric Sales Organization

Closing the Sale

5 Sales Skills for Achieving Win-Win Outcomes and Customer Success

DISCOVER Questions Get You Connected

Make every sales call count and be the ONE seller buyers want to talk to! With DISCOVER Questions , you will be able to differentiate yourself from the pack, create value for your buyers and connect is ways you never knew were possible.

Exactly How to Sell

The Sales Guide for Non-Sales Professionals

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